I’m going to tell you a secret.

There is no step five.

That’s right, this whole thing has been a giant ruse for the sake a semantics, because no one likes anything in four easy steps.

I guess, though, as a closing statement to this whole series, I could say a few things about characters

1. Make sure your characters are real. To you at least. If they don’t leap off the page at you, make you fall in love with them and enchant your imagination, they aren’t going to do it to your reader either. As a side note, the fact that they do enchant you is no guarantee that they will enchant a reader.

2. Love your characters. If you dislike your protagonist, it’s high time for you to write a new protagonist.

3. Don’t give up on your characters. There have been so many times that a character simply refused to behave the way I wanted them to behave, and I very nearly just wrote them out of the story. But characters that are difficult to write sometimes become your most beautifully complex pieces of work. Don’t give up.

I’m not making today’s entry long, because you don’t have time to read. You’re supposed to be writing a 500 word flash fiction piece. I haven’t gotten nearly enough to make it an actual contest, so I’m extending it. I know the deadline was Sunday, but you get an extra week and a half, you lucky ducks! New Deadline for the flash fiction contest:  Wed, June 27th! Come on, people, I know you’re brilliant! Show me!



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