Ok, so I know I said top three series; but now I’m facing a dilemna. On the one hand, there’s the In Death series by J.D. Robb (aka: Nora Roberts) – a stand out crime series set in 2050 New York with a deeply driven female NYPD Detective as its protagonist. Eve Dallas has a rough exterior, a set of inner demons that would make Superman cry and possibly the sexiest husband/side kick ever written.

On the other hand there’s Dean Koontz’ Frankenstein series. A pair of New Orleans Detectives (Carson O’Conner and Michael Maddison) are pitted against none other than a supremely evil Dr. Frankenstein (aka: Victor Helios) himself in a quest to save human kind from his soulless race of super sub-humans. It’s a wonderful reworking of the Shelley classic and manages an extraordinary creep factor without a hint of nostaligia induced nausea.

Both have staying power, both are well written and offer a number of interesting surprises for the reader. In Death is much longer, with over twenty installments to it’s credit against the (so far) four parts of the Frankenstein series. Frankenstein has a single antagonist with multiple minions, while In Death has a new antagonist in each book and, usually, no minions. Eve Dallas is a damaged, yet valiant heroine whose charm is, at least in part, based in the courage with which she overcomes that damage and even uses it to achieve vicotory. O’Conner and Maddison are trying to work out the kinks in thier romance while catching the killer and, incidentally, staying alive.Frankenstein Series

Both offer excellent, often heartstoppingly suspenseful, reads. While both are well written, neither is what might be termed “literary,” yet both offer some interesting comments on the human condition and the nature of evil. Both provide a good balance  of murder, mystery, justice, romance and comedy. So…which one makes the top three?

You’ll just have to read them and decide for yourself, ’cause I can’t.


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