Busy, busier, busiest, Runs the worker, round the world, with never a chance to rest. C.L. Roman

Or write.

Sometimes, ya just gotta…

Not you? Really? Are you sure?

Let’s do a quick test. Write out a timeline; hour by hour, what do you do every day?

I started to tell you mine, but I over-ran my word count before I hit 10:00 am. For most of us, life is overfull of good, necessary, important tasks. We work, we love, we live and writing gets whatever we can carve out after everything and everyone else has been attended to.

Sadly, the bittersweet compulsion to put words on the page is unabated by lack of time. Worse yet, the words you don’t write get mean. The unwritten follows you, haunts you, trips you, stabs you in the shower. The only path to appeasement is to write it down, but if you rob relationships to pay creativity…well, you get the point. The truth is; we are all in the same boat, except maybe Dean Koontz. I think he started out in our boat and then his pen sprouted a money tree, leading to his subsequent removal to a yacht. As money tree sprouting pens are in such short supply among the writing community, what do we do?

We carve. We get up earlier, stay up later, prioritize, set aside whatever time we can and put a sign on our door that says, “Novel under Construction, Enter at Your Own risk” or the more daring and gruesome, “If there isn’t blood before you open this door, there will be after.” We economize in order to cut hours at our day job without putting holes in our roof. We take editing and freelance work that moves us closer to the words, and we write.

Because, more than anywhere else, we’re happy writing, and that makes it worth it.


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