Do you know what I did today to avoid working on my novel? I made a dress. That is what I call dedication to procrastination.

We’re taking a break from my series on characterization to talk about my nemesis.


As in:

We gayly walked along the beautifully sandy beach that was littered copiously with lovingly created seashells.

I could go on all day with these suckers. I love them. Honestly, you should see my work. It’s littered with these things.

I’m not going to tell you how to avoid them. Clearly, I don’t know, or I wouldn’t use them so much.

It’s something about using stronger verbs.

Or something.

Nope, today is about knowing your own flaws as a writer. There are no perfect writers in this world.

JK Rowling, my favorite author of all time, whom I’m convinced has no flaws at all, uses tags like they’re being made illegal, and if she has flaws in her writing style, heaven knows I do.

This is where having a critique group can come in very handy. My own group is getting ready to buy big stamps that just say “ADVERB!!” so they can deface every third line of my work with them. It takes a lot less effort than circling every time I use one.

The point is to be aware, and then to be proactive. Focus on your weakness so you can turn it into a strength in your writing.In my case, a red light goes off in my head every time I try to end a world with “-ly”, and I’m force to stretch my brain a bit finding a stronger verb.

That stretch is good for the burgeoning writer. It forces you to think outside your own box and discover new ways of making your piece more effective and more enjoyable.

What are your major flaws as a writer, and what do you do to fix them?


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