As my mother would say, we’ve “fooled around long enough,” and so, we begin…

Welcome to the inaugural post of The Brass Rag. In this blog we will attempt to be amusing yet informative, fun, yet honest and above all – forthright and relevant on topics both literary and literal. This blog will (we hope) have three posts per week. The current plan is to post book and/or movie reviews on Mondays, articles on the craft of writing on Wednesdays and, on Fridays, “rags” (for this read “our hopefully amusing rather than offensive take”) on pretty much what ever has most recently struck our funny bone…or our irritation bone, whichever seems more relevant.We plan to write posts on an alternating schedule but you’ll always be able to tell who is speaking based on our avatars. Remember, in blogging as in all writing, confusion is the enemy, except when its your friend, but that’s a discussion for another post.

Before beginning such an undertaking, however, it is probable that we should introduce ourselves. After all, how else will you know whether or not we’re worth reading? Introducing one’s self beyond the normal “how do you do”, on the other hand, tends to be a witheringly arduous proposition, so, we will instead introduce…each other.

Cheri Roman: Rai Yates is a relatively recently married mother of one absolutely adorable baby girl. A talented author in her own right, she is generous with gently worded, but incisive and intelligent critiques which are always intended to help, rather than harm, the struggling author. She is a certificated Pre-K teacher at a local preschool with an innate talent for teaching and relating to young children. Besides writing, her interests include Green Living, Crafting, Practical Child Rearing and Mother’s Rights (she’ll have to explain what that is, I’m not sure of all the specifics). Rai is a founding member of the Serilious Panerians, a critique group which arose out of her mother’s desperate need for critique partners, which Rai kindly consented to join. She is currently working on a non-Earth post-curse Fantasy novel and is considering Indie publishing as a vehicle for marketing her work.

Rai Yates: Cheri Roman is a not-so-recently married Navy wife and mother of two, grandmother of one (the aforementioned absolutely adorable baby, and for serious, she is not wrong), and mother-in-law of one. It’s a lot of hats, and she tends to wear them all quite well. She has been writing forever, I think, or at least as long as I’ve been around (really. The lullaby I sing to my daughter? My mom wrote it.) and is in the middle of her 4th novel, which is going to blow your minds when it comes out, let me tell you. She is the brain behind the Serilious Panerians, and is generous with her always-thorough, always-constructive, never-harsh critiques of whatever piece is put before her. Cheri is currently teaching English to 10th and 11th graders at a local high school, in addition to writing constantly and reading the occasional book for review by the Rag.

Hey there – It’s me again. Now, I have to warn you – the website is still in the polishing stage. You may show up here on any given Monday and find we’ve changed things up a little, or added something new, though we will try to stay away from scary stuff like clowns and dirty martinis. Don’t be alarmed. Being enchanted is much more fun. Some things we are thinking of adding  in the near future: a Facebook link, reading contests, writing contests, book excerpts from our own work, fun polls, and etc. We welcome your ideas and comments too. Leave us a comment or click on one of the Follow boxes to follow us via email or Twitter. We look forward to hearing from you.

In the meantime; live well, love completely and happy writing.


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